1940s Wedding Theme

From Vintage Clothes and Bingo Games to Big Band Music and Swing Dance 

Who says that marriage is only for young people? There has been many seniors citizens who’ve tied the knot during their older years like Paul McCartney who married Nancy Shevell in 2011. Another perfect example of this is Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner who was in his 80s when he got hitched to Crystal Harris. The perfect theme for their wedding was the 1940s so that guests could witness how cool that generation was. This era was often associated with film noir, atomic prints, bingo, Ernest Hemingway, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. If you were born in the 1940s and are planning to get married soon, then continue reading below to get some wedding preparation tips on how you can transport your guests back in time:

Vintage Wedding

Wear Vintage Clothes 

It’s not easy finding vintage clothes so make sure to include a list of shops that sells or rents out 1940s clothing items in your invitation. For the ladies, you can suggest balloon dresses, long skirts, petticoats, pearl necklaces, and big bows. For the blokes, you can ask them to wear zoot suits, trench coat, and brimmed hats. You can get inspiration from the fashion icons of the 1940s such as Betty Davis, Rita Hayworth, Cary Grant, and James Stewart.

Bingo Games 

This traditional game was popularized by Edwin Lowe, who produced two versions of the Bingo Game in the 1940s. From the time that it was introduced in Great Britain in the 1700s, bingo continues to be the favorite game of many locals. Years ago, people need to go to the bingo hall or church to play this game, but now most of the younger generation can be seen playing at Cheekybingo.com using their laptop or tablet. You can either set up bingo equipment or gadgets at the venue so guests can play bingo in between the programs.

Big Band 

Instead of hiring a wedding singer or DJ, you can get a big band to play on your wedding day. Start the real party by playing swing music such as those from Benny Goodman so guests can start showing off their dance moves. For the couple’s slow dance, you can request the singer to sing some of the songs of Frank Sinatra such as “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Strangers in the Night”.