£25,000 for the wedding? That’s the deposit on our first home

The cost of the average British wedding is almost £25,000, according to BridesMagazine.co.uk.

That is no small amount unless you and your spouse are pulling in six figures each year!

In fact it is a deposit on house for most couples. This is why most intending couples are looking for ways to cut down on the wedding expense.

cost of wedding

Here is a look at some of the best tips that you can implement to save you money as you prepare for your wedding.

Get a second hand wedding gown

Buying a new wedding gown can set you back as much as £1500. Do you really have to spend that much when you can either hire or buy second hand gowns from Gumtree or Oxfam?  When you get the urge to overspend on your wedding dress, remind yourself that you will only wear it once! Keeping it for your daughter isn’t enough excuse. On average, your daughter will get married around her 20th birthday. What are the odds of your wedding gown still being in vogue then? Sure fashion is cyclical but get real!

Book your venue on a week day, and out of wedding season

Sally, at UK Wedding Savings, (click here to find out more) says “Booking your venue on a weekday or out of the wedding season is a great way to cut down on costs. However, you should avoid fixing your wedding on a day when it will be difficult for your guests to honour your invitation (like on Mondays!). A good tip is to watch out for last minute cancellations at a venue of your choice.”

Provide the drinks and cake

You can save money by providing your own cakes and drinks instead of leaving them to the wedding providers.  If you can’t make your own cake, go through your friend list and you are almost guaranteed to find someone that will gladly make one for you!

Don’t print costly invitations

Regardless of how amazing the wedding invitation looks, it will rarely get a second look by the recipient. Therefore, there is no need shelling out money on that high quality print and bespoke design. A well-crafted text or email is more than enough to tell everyone about your wedding, followed by a nice off the shelf invitation.  You can also do your own design using software, or online, and then take to the printers or use a company like Vistaprint or Print Print.

Don’t buy separate flowers for the ceremony and the venue

Instead of having different flowers at the church and your wedding venue, arrange for the flowers used in the church to be taken to the venue. Not many people will notice!

Get help from expert wedding money savers

While most wedding planners will be more concerned about getting their commission, this type of wedding planner is focused on ensuring you save money in your wedding budget. They can help you organise your wedding from start to finish.