3 Amazing Hair Tips from One of Hollywood’s Leading Ladies

3 Amazing Hair Tips from One of Hollywood’s Leading Ladies

Heather Graham’s youthful looks make it hard to believe that she’s turning 50 in a few years. This is despite the fact that she never takes time off work. Since her rise to A-list celebrity fame, just about every year she has appeared in notable Hollywood movies. Recently, she even made forays into the world of scriptwriting and directing, performing both roles – as well as serving as the lead actress for Half Magic.

Given her busy schedule, it’s amazing how Graham continues to maintain her appearance. The actress told the Independent that she has no interest in plastic surgery, but she’s not hesitant to reinvent her looks through other means.

Her hair is often the subject of change, giving the star a fresh image every time she sets foot on the red carpet. Graham’s stylists often use little makeup, directing people’s attention to the actress’s crowning glory and striking blue eyes. These characteristics serve as Graham’s trademarks, similar to Blake Lively’s “impossibly perfect hair”.

Below are three hair tips that Graham employs to keep looking fabulous.

Too much bleach is not a good thing

Except for rocking auburn tresses earlier this year, Graham has largely stuck to blonde hair, albeit in different shades. In 2014, Beauty Editor credited the actress for not giving in to ‘blonderexia’, or the tendency of some blondes to strive for the lightest possible variation of the hue. Graham sticks to shades close to her natural hair colour (warm honey blonde), which complements her skin tone and makes her appear younger. A look at some photos of her public appearances revealed that the lightest hair shade she tried was champagne, while the darkest was nearly brown.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Although Graham stayed within range of her natural hair colour, she built a reputation for being adventurous in terms of her hairstyles. Throughout the years, she has sported dreadlocks, hair pieces, wispy bangs, high ponytails, messy updos, and elegant sideswept hair, among others. She recently expressed this affinity with experimentation in her work with the British gaming site Foxy Bingo, where she wore no less than three different hairstyles in one photoshoot. Got Celeb featured the event as well as the photos, which showed the celebrity with sleek, straight hair, wavy locks, and full curls. Being able to pull off a wide diversity of styles further displays Graham’s timeless beauty. Curls, for instance, allowed the star to project a vintage vibe akin to a lady in a scene from The Great Gatsby.

Stay fit and healthy

Fitness activities have an impact on hair, too. Graham says she practices Pilates and yoga to take care of her body. The latter has been a part of her routine for over 20 years. She is also a keen practitioner of transcendental meditation (TM), making it a point to meditate for 20 minutes first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. She credits TM for helping her manage her stress. Too much stress means high levels of cortisol, which can cause hair shedding. On top of everything, Graham makes sure that she gets enough sleep every night.