3 Things that Most Brides forget when it comes to the Big Day


You have finally made it. Months have passed and what feels like a lifetime of stress, meetings, arguments and more meetings have all been and gone.

Today is the big day.

Whilst many brides have everything organised for their big day months in advance, there are always things that seem to just slip through the net.

You have spent ages planning every last detail so make sure you don’t slip up at the last minute and forget one of these 3 common mistakes that most brides make when it comes to their big day.

Don’t Forget Comfy Shoes

Although it might not look super glam your feet will most definitely thank you for bringing a pair of your favourite scruffy old sneakers. If like most brides you have been on your feet all day, by the time the evening do comes along you will be in agony and your feet will be on fire.

If you do it properly most people will not even notice if you slip on a pair of your favourite comfy shoes under your dress.

By the time the evening do rolls around the fact is that most people will be so merry anyway that your choice of footwear will be the last thing on their minds. So don’t be a martyr – kick those heels to the curb and strut your funky stuff in a cool and comfy pair of your favourite sneakers.

Take Some Time to Bond

Getting married is such a whirlwind of emotion that it is very easy to forget the true significance of the day. This is the day that you marry your husband and it is the day you enter into a new family. Take time to reflect on this and make sure that you establish and cement important relationships.

Take time out of your day to spend important time with members of your new family circle.

In particular take time to speak and connect with your mother and father in law. This is a massive day for them too so make sure you give them their proper place.

Also, if you have a sister in law through your new marriage then you will most definitely want to connect with her and make sure you give her your attention.

Small gestures like this can go a big way in helping make new bonds and connections with your family unit and can make the process of developing new relationships with your extended family so much easier in the months and years to come.

Remember Your Husband

On your big day perhaps the most important person is also the person that you are most likely to overlook. The hectic nature of a wedding day and all that goes with it means that after the ceremony sometimes you will not get a chance to be with your husband until the first dance later in the evening.

That is a crazy situation. Remember that the whole day is about you and your beloved so you must take time to remember that the main focus of the day should be on you and your new husband.

So no matter how hectic the day becomes or no matter who wants your attention, draw a line in the sand and say “Enough!”

Take your husband by the hand and go somewhere quiet. Take 10 short minutes to talk and savour the moment of your big day. Have a kiss, toast each other with champagne. No matter what make sure you do not forget to connect with the most important person in the room on your big day.