3 Tips on Building Your Client Base as a Rookie Hairdresser

According to NHF, there are over 41,000 of hair and beauty businesses in the UK today. The number of individual hairdressers exceeds this by a large margin. This means there is a lot of competition for a rookie. If you are just taking the first steps in this field, you should start building your personal client base from day one. Your salon might do most of the work in attracting clients. However, it’s personal loyalty to you as a professional that you need to promote. This way, you will be sure that your clients will follow you should you change the salon or strike out on your own. Cultivating such loyalty requires improving your skills and being a good psychologist, among other things.

How to Build a Loyal Client Base: 3 Tips for a Hairdresser

1.      Be a psychologist as well as a stylist

It’s a well-known fact that many people change their hairstyles when going through a difficult time in life. Such a change is a great help on the road to emotional recovery. However, as a hairdresser, you get to provide psychological help in more ways than simply giving someone a haircut. Even Psychology Today confirms that many people treat a visit to a stylist as an alternative to a session with a therapist.

You can use this to ensure the loyalty of your clients. After all, they are more likely to use your services consistently if they see you as a personal confidant as well as a great master of the beauty arts.

However, this kind of boon comes at a price. Being a therapist can be extremely stressful. If you don’t have the desire to expand your career in this way, be sure to establish professional boundaries with your clients. Research various psychology texts to learn how to keep your interactions strictly professional without accidentally offending the person in emotional distress.

2.      Improve your skills with additional training

You don’t have to be a personal therapist/stylist in order to retain the loyalty of your clients. Becoming a top-notch professional with a wide range of skills can give you a huge boost in popularity. If you decide to get upskilled now, choose the courses wisely as you should aim for diversity of skills. Take classes that will provide real value and teach you the things necessary to provide the trendy hair services.

However, don’t forget about personal growth as well. Experiment and learn to combine the skills you have to create new styles to offer your clients. Research foreign sources and be sure to keep an eye on the fashion shows and celebrities. This will help you catch the trends early and provide your clients with hairstyles they will love. It’s this love and trust in your skill that will keep them coming back.

3.      Brand yourself

Be careful with personal branding if you work for a salon as your boss might not be supportive of this. However, even if you can’t put your logo on clothes, equipment, and business cards, you can develop a personal style.

Focus on the way you dress and behave as well as makeup and accessories. You need to project a consistent image that stands out and draws attention. Create an image that can later be turned into a personal brand that people will associate with you by default.

Note that having a bright approachable personality and treating your clients with a special flair will help you not only stand out even when working in a salon. This will make you more memorable to the clients, which means your chances of seeing them seek you out by name will increase.

The main thing a hair stylist needs to build a loyal client base is to deliver the highest quality of service, both professional and personal. Be sure to start working from that.