4 essential daily skincare tips to shake out bad habits

4 essential daily skincare tips to shake out bad habits

It may seem like it but smooth, glowing skin isn’t just a matter of luck. By following these well-advised tips, get ready to throw out preconceived notions about skincare and start a new routine that will shake out bad habits and get your skin back into its healthier, younger-looking state. 


  1. Know your skin type

Truly sensitive skin is a condition that is rarer than you might think. A lot of the time, sensitive skin issues are only temporary and there is no need to limit yourself to sensitive skin products only as they will be less effective for your true skin type. If your skin suddenly appears finer, or is affected by other temporary issues such as dryness, redness or tightness, the most likely culprit would be the cold weather or a bad reaction to other cosmetics you might be using. The best solution is to temporarily apply a cream to relieve the symptoms and keep hydrating and using other cosmetics adapted to your true skin type.

  1. Make-up removal: don’t rush it!

Makeup removal can be a little bit of an afterthought but it’s actually a very important step in your daily routine, especially around the eyes. Unless you have already started applying dermal fillers, the eye area is prone to aging much quicker than the rest of the face and it can also deteriorate much quicker when it isn’t treated properly. Not removing makeup or removing it badly can lead to puffiness when you wake up and more fine lines. Delay the need to use dermal fillers around the eye by adopting a proper skin cleansing regimen now: opt for PH-neutral formula based makeup removers and avoid rubbing too vigorously.

  1. Leave those pimples alone !

Some people think they will disappear quicker if they are popped. It’s no easy feat and can be very frustrating, but blemishes and spots usually leave after five to seven days, so it’s actually best to leave them alone, unless you want to take to risk being left with scars and redness, or even worst: more pimples! Picking and popping blackheads and pimples is a sure way to spread even more bacteria on the skin and make things worse. Instead, simply leave a warm wet towel on your face for a few minutes to open up the pores and clean thoroughly with an antibacterial face wash to exfoliate. Don’t forget to hydrate well right after so you don’t get dry skin.

  1. Don’t exfoliate too often

Exfoliating is often thought to be the quickest way to eliminate dead cells and produce a healthy glow on the skin. It’s actually the surest way to make your skin even more fragile and prone to more dermatological issues, especially when done more than twice a month. The natural rejuvenation skin cycle lasts about 28 days. Exfoliating too much within that time frame will damage the skin. Instead, try using a gentle exfoliating face wash not more than twice a month. Apply on wet skin and rub lightly in circles.