How to find the perfect wedding car?

Your Wedding Day – the start of your new life together and possibly the most memorable occasion you’ll ever have.

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Every aspect of this all-important day requires absolute attention and none more so than your wedding car – the vehicle that will start the journey of your new life together.

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Since it’s so important, we’ve put together these guidelines to keep in the forefront of your mind when you hire the perfect limo or car for your wedding.

1. How many people? – Before you even think about choosing the car you’d like, you need to know the number of people you are transporting. This will determine the size of your cars and limos as well as how many you’ll need.

2. Colour – Usually, this depends on your chosen theme. Once you’ve chosen the theme it’s pretty straightforward getting a car to match.

3. Modern or classic – This will whittle down your choice hugely. A classical wedding would be more suited to a vintage wedding car like a Regal Landaulette. A modern wedding, on the other hand, might better suit a Mercedes S500.

4. Drivers – Chosen the car? Now you need a friendly driver. Show him the route and get him to do some trial runs – that way nothing can go wrong. Enquire about the driver’s dress code because you might want him to open the door for you.

5. Extras – You’ll need to pick the colour of the ribbons for the car. The limo and wedding car hire company can advise you on the types of ribbons to recommend for the chosen car.


– Hire your limo or wedding car well in advance because companies operate on a first come first serve basis.

– Once you’ve booked the limo or wedding car, go and see it in person – checking both the inside and outside, including how comfortable it is.

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