5 trendy wedding dress alternatives for the unconventional bride-to-be

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day can be a daunting task, and not a cheap one at that, with £1,098 reportedly spent on average per outfit. But thankfully, there are more and more styles available out there to fit your personality. Take your pick amongst our top 10 best wedding dress alternatives for a modern twist on the traditional white dress. What’s more, these alternatives don’t even have to cost the earth!


  1. The jumpsuit


Jumpsuits have been having a bit of moment for a while now thanks to the current 70’s and 90’s revivals. They’re the perfect style if you’re looking for something a little edgy, modern and very classy indeed. In recent years, Beyonce’s little sister Solange Knowles has probably best incarnated this trend: she was a quite a vision indeed, riding her bike to her wedding in a backless wide legged cream jumpsuit, a long floating cape covering her shoulders.


  1. The wedding pants


Featured a few months ago in the New York Times, the wedding pants trend is here to stay and perfectly reflects the democratisation of the wedding ritual, for gays, straight, young and older crowds. It’s a refreshing and cutting-edge option, also perfect for true fashion aficionados. Skipping the dress is also a way to say no to the archaic image of a woman. Options differs widely depending on the designer but we’ve loved Vanessa Fatton’s cropped trousers combined with a minimalist peplum top.


  1. The minimalist


Less is more and if you’re not quite ready to ditch the dress for good but still want a little edge, chic minimalism is the way to go. Forget heavy lace, puffy skirts and bling and opt for no-fuss wedding dresses. Think long cream slip dresses with a cross-over back, understated mini dresses to show a little leg while keeping the top covered, or add a little geometric interest with cuts in the fabric on the side of a long silk gown.


  1. The patterned


Patterned wedding dresses can be tricky to pull off: too many florals and you take the risk of looking overly romantic or, worst case scenario, like the wearer of your grandmother old curtains. On the other hand, understated patterns can make the dress appear too casual for its own good. A good compromise would be to opt for a light and fresh pattern. Have a look at Elie Saab’s Haute Couture collections for inspiration and feast your eyes on delicate pastel colors and lightly textured dresses with modern floral patterns.


  1. The colourful

If you don’t fancy sticking to the traditional white or cream for your wedding gown, pastel ombré is all the rage: a good way to add a little colour interest to your outfit without risking clashing with the rest of the guests outfits.