7 Makeup Bag Essentials!


Is your makeup bag full to the brim of products you don’t even use, or are in serious need of an update? Most of us simply hold on to products that we are most likely never going to use, just in case, and this can make your daily routine hard. Let Northwest Cosmetics run through 7 of your makeup bag essentials that will make your daily routine so much easier!

 makeup bag



A good primer can make the difference between your foundation applying to your face smoothly and without a problem, or it falling off immediately and looking patchy. Our favourite products include Maybelline’s Baby Skin and Benefit’s Porefessional, each smooths the skin to effectively minimise pores, make your skin look flawless, and create a perfect base to apply the rest of your makeup! 


Your foundation should match your skin tone perfectly, but we all know it’s pretty hard to do this when you’re just buying off the shelf. You should look to stop by your local cosmetic counter to get your foundation matched to your skin, this way you can try and understand what kind of foundation will work best for your skin type too; whether it is oily, sensitive or combination. It’s great to know what will see you through your working day or a night out! Brands including, Bare Minerals, Mac and Illamasqua have fast become some of our hot favourites! 

Eyeshadow Palette

For those special occasions and times when you just want to add a little sparkle into your life, your eyeshadow is something you simply cannot live without. It’s that product that will make your eyes pop and make you feel. You need an eyeshadow that will last too, products including the Naked palettes from Urban Decay are proven to last. 


A good mascara that will not irritate your eyes can be an invaluable item to have in your makeup bag. You will need a mascara that doesn’t clump over time and that has a brush that doesn’t pull at and damage the lashes. Elongate and volumise your lashes with a natural looking mascara from brands such as Maybelline, Rimmell or Benefit. 


Bring out your cheeks with a quality blusher that will finish off whatever look you are going for. Choose a subtle nude or pink tinted blusher in cream or powder for the perfect finish, and apply across the cheek bone to accentuate your features. 

A Good Brush Set

To ensure each aspect of your makeup goes on to provide flawless skin you should invest in a good brush set and look to keep it regularly cleaned to avoid skin breakouts. Your brush set should include foundation applicator as well bronzer, eyeshadow amongst others. Our top tip to keep them clean is to use baby shampoo to clean them at least once a month! Other top cleansing tips via Savvy Travelers


Finally, to finish off your look and bring it all together, a makeup bag essential has got to be the lipstick. For day time looks a simple nude can make all of the difference, whilst to take your look from day to night a deep red or purple is the perfect match! 

Article supplied by Northwest Cosmetics.