7 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for “Big Day”

Looking after yourself might not seem a priority if you are planning your own wedding. Yes, after spending an eternity planning every detail, putting in countless hours and taking care of long checklist, you might forget about yourself.

It’s not uncommon, but it can cost you on your big day. To make sure it doesn’t come to that; you have to keep up with the following guidelines.

Never Wait for the Last Minute

Every girl wants a perfect ceremony, they want everything there on time, and just the way they want it. Unfortunately, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Every bride complains there wasn’t enough time for preparations.

This is why you should never wait for the last moment to start your wedding skin treatment. Sure you want to do something special on the last day. It helps your skin become radiant.

In case you have severe issues like acne, etc., you need to start a skin routine at least four months ahead of the big day.  If you can’t keep up with a four-month regime, and then at least start 30 days before.

Don’t Overdo

It’s your big day, and you want to like your best, we get it. But you don’t need to do anything drastic.  You need to look like yourself, don’t get carried away with the invasive procedure and the idea of caking your face.

Littering your face with makeup will ruin your regime, and make betters even worse.  Therefore, avoid a bad reaction by caking your face.


Exfoliate every night to get glowing skin on your big day. Clean your skin and exfoliate every night before bed. This gets rid of dull looking skin giving you a glowing and energetic look. You need a good base for your bridal look, and regular exfoliation can help you achieve it.

Exfoliating your skin will help you get a smooth and vibrant skill. This way, you can focus on looking your best instead of hiding your face beneath layers of makeup.

Make Yourself Glow

There is no shortage of products that promise glowing skin, unfortunately only a few of them deliver. Instead of relying on an instant product, you better work with a vitamin boosting treatment that will make your skin glow. It gives you hydrated and glowing skin.

Switching to a skin regime instead of using instant product is more effective. It keeps your skin safe from acne outbreak as you don’t bombard your skin with chemicals, and saves your money.

Improve Your Diet

London Dermatology Centre recommends that you shouldn’t leave your skin treatment to the last minute before your big day. It assures you get the look you desire without any skin complications. While you are following a skin regime, you need to change your diet accordingly.

Introducing hydrating food items improves your complexion. You better include watermelon, grapefruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. 

Add at least two water fruits and vegetables in your diet. This helps to hydrate your skin to preserve an energetic and glowing look. Consuming such diet also improves your digestion, and gets rid of stress-induced bloating.

Get Some Beauty Sleep

You can’t avoid stress, not when you are planning your wedding. Therefore, you need to rest well if you want to look your best on the big day. Stress leads to sleepless nights, and you don’t want a worn off look, right?

So you have to give yourself a break and recharge yourself. Don’t be ashamed if you had a lazy day, nap whenever you can. Don’t let social outings make you restless; you will have plenty of time to catch up after you tie the knot.

Work on Yourself

No one wants to look like a sophisticated mess, especially on their special day. Therefore, you have to work on a self-tanning treatment to assure you have a balanced skin tone.  You need to look for something progressing and use it twice a week before going to sleep.

Refer to a professional like London Dermatology Centre to make sure you won’t suffer from any severe complications.