A Guide to Dressing Your Bridesmaids For Your Big Day

There are so many things to consider in the lead up to your big day, and what your bridesmaids are going to wear is just one of them. But it’s also a very important one. Making sure that your bridesmaids look and feel the part is a major factor not only in the aesthetic of your wedding day, but also in the mood of your bridesmaids too. Making sure that they both look the part and feel happy and comfortable in what they are wearing will really help to bring your day together. Make sure that you are always considerate of your bridesmaids when choosing their outfits. No one wants their bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable and self conscious on their big day. They are all your best friends, so make sure that they are happy on your wedding day too! With this in mind we have compiled a guide to dressing your bridesmaids for your big day!

Consistency in accessories

One of the pinnacle things that we want in our bridesmaids is consistency. Dressing them all up in the same colour with the same accessories and hairstyles is a really important aspect in the aesthetic of your big moment. So make sure that you match their accessories nicely. Now this can be a bit of an expensive endeavour. So make sure you use money off Phase Eight voucher codes to help you with the cost of your accessorising process! So the consistency doesn’t have to cost you or your bridesmaids a lot of money!

  • Shoes: Matching shoes is a great way to implement consistency within your bridesmaid’s dress code. But remember to be careful with heels. Some of your bridesmaids may love them and some may hate them. Make sure you cater for everyone. You could choose a colour over design mentality so that they can all wear the shoes that they feel comfortable in.
  • Bags: Matching bags is another great way to instill consistency in your bridesmaid’s colour code. Make sure you pick something small and easy to carry!
  • Jewelry: Make sure that their jewelry looks consistent too! If this is a little too much then you can always opt for a minimal or no jewelry option. But if you want your bridesmaids jewelry to be consistent then it’s definitely worth making use of My Favourite Voucher Codes to save money! There are a range of online deals on jewelry that you can make use of and these will help reduce the cost of your bridesmaid outfits.

 Leave it up to them

A great way to make sure that your bridesmaids are happy and comfortable in what they are wearing is by simply leaving it up to them. Not only will this make them more comfortable but it will also give you one less job to do. If you feel like you want them to look a certain way then you can give them a spec outlining the colour scheme and style that you are rooting for. This way they can pick what they want but it will still be in line with your wants too!

 Think colour schemes and themes

Giving your bridesmaids a colour scheme or theme to work with is another great way to instill consistency into your bridesmaids looks. Make sure you set out with a clear colour scheme or theme in mind. You don’t want to be changing it all half way through! You may be striving for neutral colours like peach, pale pink or bale blue, or you may be going for the boho or vintage theme. Either way make sure that you have a clear vision of what it is that you want, and make sure to communicate this with your bridesmaids as well. You can even make a mood board or pinterest of the styles, colours and themes that you want!

Always consider their comfort

One of the most important things to consider is the girls that will actually be wearing the outfits you choose. Don’t go dressing your bridesmaids in things that they really don’t want to wear. Make sure that you dress them comfortably, fashionably and in line with what you want as well. A great way to make sure that they are all comfortable is by taking notes on all of their style preferences and coming to a rounded dress code. Communication really is the key here.

There are so many things to consider when dressing your bridesmaids, but really this is a fun process that should help to bond you and your best friends. So make sure that you implement consistency in their accessories, think colour and themes, consider their comfort and maybe even just leave it up to them. May your bridesmaids look and feel the perfect part on your big day!