A New Years Eve Wedding!

New Years Eve….. day time!

by Annabel, Beauty Call Franchisee for SW, W and WC postcodes

Heading over to the prestigious ‘Blakes Hotel’ in Kensington to makeover Charlene and her Bridesmaid. If you haven’t already seen the pictures of this hotel, it’s a must! Graced regularly by the wonderful Al Pachino and the late Amy Winehouse it is a favourite with the stars.

As the champagne flowed in this beautiful suite, the makeovers began.

For the Bridesmaid, a vintage 1920’s inspired hairstyle with water waves down the side of the hair falling in to a side bun. We went red carpet with a smokey eye with shimmery brown tones overlaid by a Bobby Brown black eye shadow to smoke the eyes out some more! This was complimented by a bronzed glow to Mo’s already enviously tanned face and a hint of baby pink on the cheeks and lips to match the colour of her dress.

For the bride we went more Grecian with two French plaits running down from the crown into a low bun full of curls and a swept side fringe that seemed to melt into the rest of the style perfectly. For the makeup I used hints of green and gold to emphasise the rather unusually fabulous yet unconventional Grecian dress. I used these colours to slightly blend out the liquid eyeliner in the outer corners but not so much that it took away from the sleek finish that the liquid line gives. I chose a nude colour on the lips – Laura Geller lip spackle to be precise! Mixed in with my favourite Lancôme Juicy Tube in a nude shimmer.To finish, lots of natural pink blush to define the cheeks and marry perfectly with the green tones in her makeup and the dress followed by a generous amount of Salon System individual lashes, Charlene looked nothing less than stunning.

After being introduced to Charlene’s mother over an emotional Skype conversation (Her family lives in South Africa) as the “person responsible for these amazing transformations” I knew my work was done!

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