Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends for your Nails

Do you find that you easily get bored of doing the same nail designs all the time, all year round? View these trends for this autumn and winter and get some new inspiration to try out at Christmas parties or Halloween celebrations. 

The 60s Effect

Gingham has been a huge trend this summer, with the popular pattern appearing in all sorts of clothing and accessories. 

Keep this summer trend going through autumn with checkerboard nails. Checkerboard was popular in the 60s in clothing and even interiors. 

You can mix the look up a little bit by changing the traditional colours. Checkerboard doesn’t always mean black and white. Have a play around with some colours such as dark purple and grey, or navy blue and dusky pink. 

It’s easier to achieve this style than you might think. You can buy checkerboard templates so you just have to paint your nails like normal and peel back the template to reveal perfectly placed squares. 

Metallics and Gold 

Gold always makes us think of Christmas. There is no limit to the number of gold sparkly things you can wear between November and January. Get the look for your nails by using a matte gold, a glossy gold, or gold sparkles on your nails to complete an outfit. 

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And don’t feel that you have to limit gold to your nails. Use a shimmery gold eyeshadow or even gold sparkles on your lips. Just maybe don’t brave all three at the same time, unless you want to look like Tinkerbell (Halloween outfit idea?). 

Jewel Tones

 Jewel tones are hugely popular for our home interiors at the moment. So why shouldn’t your nail match the inside of your house? 

Rich jewel tones are another favourite that come out at Christmas. These include deep reds, dark purples, smoky teal and royal blue. 

Though these colours may be more difficult to pair with a piece of bright clothing, when the combination is right, it just works. 

These tones are warming and often work when mixed with each other, so don’t be afraid to pair a red dress with Amethyst-like nails. 

If you want to make more of a wow, but still use jewel tones, you can introduce patterned nails, or even add ombre or stick-on diamantes for a more dramatic evening look.

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