Beauty supplies for your wedding hair and makeup

Getting Ready for Your Big Day

For brides, the wedding day is a perfect chance to show yourself off at your beautiful best. All brides want their hair and makeup to look stunning when they walk down the aisle, whether they’ve chosen a traditional church wedding or an avant garde outdoor ceremony. So much thought and planning goes into the big day that sometimes the appearance of the bride takes a backseat. However, there are simple ways you can make sure you look

Preparation is Key

Even if you are relying on the help of friends and family instead of hiring a professional makeup artist or stylist, it’s best to have a trial run before the day itself. This way, you’ll know exactly what works and how you will look, and you can avoid trial and error at the last minute. You can also reduce pre-wedding nerves by having a massage or a full spa day in the week leading up to the wedding. If you want a healthy glow, make sure that you sort out a tanning appointment in advance, so that there are no orange disasters close to the big day.

Know When to Go Professional

Some brides prefer to do everything themselves to keep costs down, as a wedding is unfortunately an expensive affair. However, there are some departments that require the help of a professional. To keep yourself feeling confident throughout the big day and your honeymoon, book in for a professional waxing appointment. Well-shaped eyebrows are the key to your wedding face, so make sure you have the correct beauty supplies on hand, like those from Capital Hair & Beauty.

The Real You

Although it is tempting to ramp up the glamour on your wedding day, remember that you want to be able to recognise yourself in the pictures. This isn’t a night out with the girls, so tone down the blusher, and forget obvious fake eyelashes and brightly coloured eye shadow. A bride should look classy and timeless. Of course you can try out new hairstyles and makeup techniques for your wedding day, but make sure you go with the look that feels most natural and comfortable. You’ll spend most of the wedding dancing and socializing anyway.

On the Day

Make sure you have a touch-up kit on hand for the big day. If you get emotional or start to perspire, your makeup can really suffer and this will be reflected in the wedding pictures. Most makeup artists will advise that you use waterproof mascara in case of tears and if you use a professional for your makeup, ask them if they will lend you samples of the products they’ve used for the purpose of touching up.