Blink Pro Eyelashes review

Blink Pro Eyelashes review

Blink Pro are a company that provide high quality lashes to customers and professionals alike and Beauty Call got a chance to try them out.

Blink Pro are a family run business and offer 4 types of lashes, Greatest, Breathe,Victorious and Promise all named after their children and reflect the style, we got to try out 2 of these.

Breathe, this we felt was a more everyday lash that could be worn at any occasion:

Victorious, this lash is a prefect party lash:

First impressions were good they were packaged well and the website was slick and easy.

The lashes themselves felt good quality, being made out of real hair they had great shape felt strong but not too harsh on the eyes.

When applying the lashes this was really easy the glue was good quality and the shape of the lash was perfect for fitting yourself even when trimming down the edges to fit our eyes.

Overall Blink Pro Eyelashes are a good quality product and worth the cost of £5.45 we give them a 5 out of 5.

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