Casinos and Dressage: What should women wear?

Today’s woman wants to look her best no matter where she goes and this is especially true when she chooses to spend the evening out on the town. One place which is growing popularity for a night out is a casino, and while many think these establishments are opulent and glamorous places to visit, this stereotype was actually formed from the big screen. Most casinos today are not formal in regards to their dress code, if they even have one at all. However you do not want to look like you are ready for a game of blackjack, so you are best reading on and understanding how to present yourself for a night at the casino.

If visiting a casino that is a bit more upper class, the little black dress is a great idea for a simple outfit; it is always in style and looks great paired with simple accessories and chic jewellery. Maxi dresses, pencil skirts with elegant tops and, if you really want, a gown are also good choice to make when visiting a more upper class casino.

Some items should never be worn to a high class casinos however, items such as t-shirt, flip-flops and trainer should be avoided or you may run the risk of not making it through the door. Of course, the casino may have more relaxed dress standards which would permit the wearing of jeans. Trousers and skirts also can be worn to the casino. As far as footwear, keep comfort in mind as well as style – many casinos do require a bit of walking so those stiletto heels may look sharp but won’t make your feet feel good at the end of the night.

While these are some great ideas for dressing for a night out at the casino, the best way to know what to wear is to simply contact the casino.