3 Amazing Hair Tips from One of Hollywood’s Leading Ladies


3 Amazing Hair Tips from One of Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Heather Graham’s youthful looks make it hard to believe that she’s turning 50 in a few years. This is despite the fact that she never takes time off work. Since her rise to A-list celebrity fame, just about every year she has appeared in notable …

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Rosie-S 2

The Top Hairstyles for Summer 2017 Weddings


There comes a time in everyone’s life, where for a few summers every weekend, life seems to be booked up by weddings, your own, those you are part in, and those you attend as a guest. For several years, for every other weekend between May and September, you’ll be attending a wedding. If you are …

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Amazing Beauty Tips That Will Help Beautify Your Appearance

  Women are more often judged on their appearance than men no matter where they go. This may seem like an unfair judgement considering that they already have to put on makeup, do their hair, and paint their nails. However, this is just the way the world works. With that being said, most women are …

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff: 5 Natural Remedies


We all know dandruff as the loose white stuff that flakes out of the scalp when it becomes dry and itchy. But did you know that dandruff is the only medical problem that has managed to unite over three-quarter of the population across the world? Well, dandruff often starts at the age of 10 and …

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looking good in pictures

How to always look good in pictures


The world is image conscious these days. Since the growth of photographic news in the 20th century and the explosion of social media in the 21st, ever more emphasis is now placed on how we look. Photos pepper your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and even influence your chance of finding love if dating online. So …

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