Will you …. be my Bridesmaid?


Whilst we traditionally associate Valentine’s Day with people popping the big question and subsequent ring offering. Why not try mixing it up this year and use it to ask your most cherished friends and family, “Will you…be my bridesmaid?” An idea that originated in the States (of course) seems to be gathering pace and certainly …

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Wedding makeup inspiration for 2018


2018 is the year for extravagant weddings, beautiful, well-dressed brides and grooms, and love. But while you may get wrapped up in the wedding venue planning, invites, catering, table settings, décor, music, and finalizing the gown and bridesmaids dresses with great enthusiasm. One very essential factor that they forget is the wedding makeup. Choosing the …

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Should Your Makeup Match Your Outfit?


The idea of matching your makeup to your outfit might be one that brings back awful memories of family photos from the 80’s with bright neon pink eyeshadows and bright blue eyeliner – but don’t worry, it’s possible to match your makeup to your outfit without looking like you’ve just set off a color bomb. …

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How to Plan a Fabulous Autumn Wedding


Autumn is a funny time of year. The long days of summer are still in our immediate consciousness, but the air is cooler at night and the leaves are slowly turning various shades of gold, copper and red. Sometimes an Indian summer prevails and we are blessed with another few weeks of unseasonably warm weather, …

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The 5 Most Stunning Engagement Rings of all Time


The 5 Most Stunning Engagement Rings of all Time Sure, we know that it’s the thought that counts more than the carats. But engagement rings can be more than just symbols of eternal love – they are crafted in some seriously beautiful designs. Here are a few of the most famous over the past few …

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