How to dress for a summer garden party


Your summer is probably full of weddings, BBQs and perhaps a cheeky festival, after you get back from that holiday abroad, but what about that garden party you’ve been invited too? Whether it’s for a pal’s birthday, a baby shower or perhaps just a picnic on the lawn to catch up with friends, here’s how …

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Choosing the ‘correct’ wedding music: 5 things you need to think about


The music for your wedding is there to set the mood and share something special that you and your partner love. While it’s great that you’ve selected Sir Mix-a-Lot’s celebrated ballad ‘I Like Big Butts’ for your evening playlist, there are some important things to think about when selecting your music for the service and …

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Fashion Week and wedding dresses in London


If you are thinking of searching for wedding dresses in London, then the capital’s Fashion Week is worth considering as it is one of the world’s leading events for designers and fans of fashion to enjoy the latest creations from some of the industry’s leading designers and fashion houses. The week showcases the latest designs …

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Travelling for a Wedding? These Tips Will Help


In today’s day and age, more and more people are leaving home to work in other cities or even in other countries. This is where a great number of people find true love and yes, get married necessitating family and friends to travel for the wedding. If you are invited to a wedding this year …

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Oh no, I’m losing my hair!


Why you shouldn’t feel down about hair loss Dealing with hair loss is not easy. Whether your locks are receding or thinning, the consequences can be psychologically damaging. However, while these changes can be troubling, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t feel down about losing your hair. Help is available While your lack of …

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