Choosing the best Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing the right and best wedding hairstyles is just as important as choosing the right dress, flowers, or venue for some brides.

With so many beautiful images and styles out there on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Google to browse though it can make the decision quite tricky.

So many times I, Aimee (Beauty Call franchisee for North Yorkshire and County Durham) meet brides at their trials who are confused weather to go for hair up, down, to the side, tousled or sleek. They will show me multiple pictures of styles they like, all of which are totally different looks.

Sometimes I think spending hours scrolling through images of beautiful hairstyles on many different faces may not always be the most helpful thing to do.

 Instead try looking through photographs of yourself with different hair styles and pick out the ones you think you and your hair look the best in. This way you will be able to eliminate some options. For example if you don’t like the pictures where all of your hair is pulled back of your face then you know you want some hair down.

After deciding on the styles you like you could then browse thorough images of those styles on line and these are the ones you should show to your hair stylist at your trial.

Some popular hair styles that I have been asked to do for brides this year are below with a brief description of what to ask for.

1.French plait on one side to wrap around a messy low bun of curls.

best Wedding hairstyles french plait

2.Sleek and neat bun middle of the head with a side sweeping fringe.

Wedding neat bun sweeping fringe

3. Half up half down with loose curls.

Wedding hair half up half down

4.Curly pin up with all hair off the face in a quiff to add height and elongate the face.

Wedding hair curly pin up

 5. Messy boho style. Casual curly pin up with front section twisted back and pinned.

Wedding hair messy boho style

6. Sleek classic chignon off centre. Simple and elegant.          

Wedding hair classic chignon