Choosing the ‘correct’ wedding music: 5 things you need to think about

The music for your wedding is there to set the mood and share something special that you and your partner love. While it’s great that you’ve selected Sir Mix-a-Lot’s celebrated ballad ‘I Like Big Butts’ for your evening playlist, there are some important things to think about when selecting your music for the service and even during dinner.


Sorry, we know that you’ve already got your plate full, working your way through an extensive list of tasks including choosing rings from Seventy Seven Diamonds and deciding what shoes your bridesmaids are going to wear, but here are five to consider:


  1. Does the song mean anything to you?

Whether it’s the song you walk out to after signing the register or what’s playing in the background while you tuck into your starter, it’s important that the music you choose holds a special place in the hearts of you and your partner.


Choose those artists you discovered you both had downloaded on iTunes, what was playing in the restaurant on one of your dates (if you go to Frankie and Benny’s to eat a lot DO NOT include Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ on your playlist) or perhaps songs that were played at the first concert you went to together.


  1. Is it a little cliché?

There are certain songs DJs are probably tired of playing for that first dance (Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ have overtaken the classic ‘At Last’ by Etta James) so perhaps avoid these – unless they really do mean something special. Don’t just pick the first romantic song that pops into your head, really think long and hard about music you and your partner have enjoyed even if it’s not deemed conventional.


  1. Perhaps avoid songs about breaking up, divorce, revenge…

… you get the point. So it goes without saying that any tracks from Beyonce’s new Lemonade album won’t be featured in your wedding. No one wants to listen to a song about heartbreak on someone’s big day. Think about the lyrics before choosing something for the wedding playlist.


  1. Is it family friendly?

If you’re having kids at your wedding and reception, it’s probably not best for the DJ to crack on Another Level’s ‘Freak Me’ to get the dance floor moving again. In fact, ban that song from your life, right now. Done? Okay. Songs with lewd lyrics won’t go down well with parents and to be honest no one wants to see their drunk Aunt and Uncle grinding to it, which will inevitably happen after they discover your Dad put a tab behind the bar and they’ve knocked back a few gin and tonics.


  1. Will it get people dancing?

Once the evening reception kicks off people want to let their hair down after a day of waiting around, listening to speeches and being made to smile in front of a camera – being a wedding guest is no picnic sometimes – which is why your evening music needs to get people up and dancing.


Don’t shy away from the really cheesy stuff, just playing modern tracks won’t encourage everyone to get moving so be sure to include Journey, a little bit of the Macarena and Mark Ronson’s ‘Valerie’. But not The Proclaimers; never The Proclaimers.