Should You Add Any Comedy Moments To Your Wedding?

There are all sorts of ways you can add some funny moments to your wedding, if you want to. From hiring singing waiters to suddenly burst into song during your dinner, to playing pranks on unsuspecting members of the wedding party, there are loads of things you can do to make your guests laugh and make your event memorable. Of course, this isn’t to every bride’s taste, and some would rather their wedding was a very serious, formal event where everyone behaves in a classy manner and no clowning around occurs!


Photo by Kolin Toney

If you are thinking about adding some comedy moments to your wedding, here are some things to think about:

Is It You?

If you are generally a bit of a joker, or your groom is known as the prankster in his group of friends, then a whole day hosted by you where nothing funny happens may seem a bit dry to your friends. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out for laughs and end up in a viral video (like that one where everybody did a full choreographed dance routine at the wedding ceremony), but adding a few funny things in (perhaps choosing a band or singer who will make some jokes or doing some silly wedding photos) will make it more fun for your friends – especially if you have been a bit more serious than usual in the stressful run up to the big day!

Is It Not You?

Of course, if you are a fairly formal, serious person or you just aren’t comfortable being silly or making jokes in front of people, your attempts to add comedy may just seem confusing. You can still add some lighter elements (traditionally the speeches always have some humour in them), but there is no rule that says a wedding has to have funny moments to be a wonderful, memorable day.

Suit Your Audience

Of course, pranks, jokes and general wackiness may be exactly what your best friends or the guys from the office expect from you, but at a wedding you typically have a pretty mixed audience. It is usually best to leave the very crudest humour for the stag and hen nights so as not to make older relatives uncomfortable. It is also best not to do anything that is a joke at the bride’s expense (though the groom is fair game). Even if you’re the bride and you are fine with being the subject of a practical joke on your wedding day, traditionally a wedding is all about respecting the bride so jokes that in any way embarrass or humiliate her, even if she is in on them, feel uncomfortable in that setting.

If you want to add some funny bits to your wedding day, choosing humour that is universally appealing (such as the singing waiters mentioned at the start of this article), is usually the best way to go – it is funny enough to be memorable, and gentle enough not to offend anybody’s sensibilities.