Contacts vs Glasses on your wedding day……

When you’re approaching your wedding day, you likely have your hands full with all of the little decisions that will go into the event. A wedding involves endless preparation, and the truth is that you’re not really done planning and organizing until you put on the dress! But there are certain preparations that are of a higher priority than others, and one of these is figuring out just how you want to look for your wedding day.

Acuvue Contact Lenses for Weddings

Of course, to a large extent this means browsing “Hitched” (visit site) months in advance to find the perfect dress, or toying with different makeup and hairstyles for your wedding day image. But for many brides-to-be, it also means giving consideration to something a bit simpler: whether to wear contact lenses or glasses on your wedding day. For the most part, this is a very personal decision that will depend on your own general preferences and comfort level. But to look at the question in a general sense, here are some pros and cons of each option.

Contact Lenses


  • Contact lenses are the most flexible option. You can enjoy clear vision while dancing, being on the move, and taking photos without worrying about glasses staying put or reflecting camera flash.
  • Contacts can also be beauty accessories. For example, at Acuvue (visit site) you can purchase “Define” contacts, designed to enhance the natural colour and beauty of your eyes!


  • It’s going to be a long day and night, and many people’s eyes get irritated with prolonged contact wearing. If you tend to have comfort issues with contacts, it could be a risky option.
  • If you wear glasses on a day-to-day basis, contacts – for all their comfort and convenience – might just not look like you. If the switch would keep you from looking the way people are used to seeing you, it might not be worth it.



  • While contacts are versatile, glasses are flexible. If you simply want a break, or to give your eyes a rest during a long night, you can always take glasses off.
  • There’s no risk of irritation. If you worry even a little that contacts could become comfort issues during your wedding, glasses may be the safer bet.


  • The biggest “con” is mobility. When you’re getting married, dancing, walking around saying hi, and up into the early morning hours, you may prefer the easy versatility of contacts.
  • Another “con” is glare. Photography is a major part of any wedding, and your glasses can reflect flash in a way that destroys photos you’ll want to cherish your whole life!