Early Wedding Planning Advice To Reduce Stress

Got a wedding to organise? This is one of the most exciting chapters of your life, and you will want everything to go perfectly, but this also means that there can be a great deal of stress and anxiety at this time. Organising a wedding is no easy feat, and there is a lot of preparation and research that you will need to do, but it can be much easier when you break it down into steps, and you know what needs doing at each step of the way. With this in mind, here are a few tips for organising your wedding so that it will be a magical day that you both always look back fondly on.

Early Planning & Budget

First, you need to get a date in the diary and establish a budget. Once you have decided on a date, you need to begin the planning immediately as early planning is crucial for both success and minimising stress. Figure out how much you will be able to afford and carefully stick to this budget – you don’t want to be completely broke when you start out as a married couple!

Guest List

Next, you will want to create a guest list so that you can find a suitable venue. This can be a tricky process, but you must be selective as you will need to think about cost per head for catering as this can be a huge expense. Do not feel obliged to invite everyone you know as this is your special day.


Be sure to take the time to find the perfect venue for your wedding as this will have a huge impact on how enjoyable and special the day is for everyone involved. It is important to remember that venues which are a long distance from where you are based could be problematic for people to get to, especially if the ceremony starts early!

Picking The Wedding Party

It is a good idea to select the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the rest of the wedding party early on as they can lighten the load and make it much easier to manage various tasks. Remember to pick wisely and choose those closest to you and those who are a safe pair of hands.


The wedding photographs will be the best way for you to look back over your special day, so you must carefully select the right photographer and make sure it is somebody that you like and understands exactly what you want from the day. Meet a few and consider an engagement shoot to get familiar with them.


It is a good idea to get the invitations made up and sent out early as people can get booked up in advance and you will want everyone on your guest list there for your special day. Fortunately, it can be easy to design a beautiful wedding invitation with no design experience, and this can keep costs down.

These are the key stages to take in the early stages of your wedding preparation. This will be the happiest day of your life, but you must also be thorough with the preparation stage to ensure that it is a complete success and enjoyable for all.