Festival season has arrived – here is how to create those effortlessly cool festival hair styles!!!!

Finally we had a little sun and it couldn’t come at a better time with festival season upon us! My favourite festival hair styles has to be braiding, or if you’re fed up with braiding, try knotting, it’s a little easier!

We have the Princess braid, as worn by Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of the The Avengers, a fishtail plait and the knot! Although Scarlett here is wearing the Princess braid in a very glam way, it is perfect for unwashed hair!

Princess Braid 

Festival Hair Styles Braids

First spray your hair with dry shampoo to create volume, it makes it less structured. You take the normal principles of plaiting your hair, using 3 sections and instead of starting from the back you start at the front to one side of the hair and work across to the opposite side. Here’s a really quick video tutorial I just love! If you want to accessorize it why not try adding a ribbon into the mix.

Fishtail Plaits

Festival Hair Styles Fishtail Plaits

First spray your hair with dry shampoo to create volume, and backcomb the roots.Then divide your hair into 2 sections, using a middle parting. Decide which way you want to braid, i.e. right to left or left to right, it doesn’t really matter which way, just what feels more natural. Start by taking a small length of hair from the outer side of the left section, across the back into the right section of hair whilst keeping a grip of both sections.  Then repeat from right to left.The smaller, the section of hair you use, the more intricate the braid will look. Try to keep the sections a similar thickness. For festival season, once finished the plait, band it and gently tease the hair with your fingers to pull it loose to create a softer less stylised look and why not accessorize with flower. Note that the plait will show more on blonder shades than dark.


Festival Hair Styles Knotting

I love this look so simple and you don’t even need a hair band! To create this look you need to do the following. Spritz the hair with dry shampoo and then take the front section of hair ear to ear and back comb the underneath to make a quiff like front.  Leave this section for now. Then separate the back section of hair into two sections. Cross the right section over the left and loop the left section through the middle and knot, and if you wish repeat a few times. Then bring the front section back over the crown of the hair and pin if necessary or spray to hold in place. Note you can use knotting to create the princess band too.

I hope you enjoy creating one of these looks 🙂

Sarah CL
Beauty Call Hair and Makeup Artist / Franchisee for Southend & Romford postcode areas