Four Tips for an Engagement Photoshoot You’ll Never Forget

When it comes time to announce your engagement, what better way to tell the world than with an elegant, romantic photoshoot to preview your perfect life together with your future spouse?

There are many moving pieces and decisions to make for a memorable engagement photoshoot, many of which are often overlooked. For example, ask yourself the following questions for starters:

  • Where will my photoshoot take place? Should I stick to one location or go to multiple ones?
  • Who’s going to take my pictures? Should I hire a professional or simply ask a friend to help out?
  • How should I dress? Should I keep it casual or go for something more elegant?
  • How can a photoshoot best encapsulate our romance?

Since you only get one opportunity in your lifetime for such a photoshoot, it’s crucial that you make it count. With the growing trend of couples using social media to announce engagements, consider the importance of this photoshoot in the eyes of your fiancé, friends and family. The following four tips will help guide your decision-making and ensure a photoshoot that you’ll never forget.

Showcase the Ring

It’s impossible to talk about an engagement without bringing up the ring; therefore, consider making it the centerpiece of some of your photos. Think about how various engagement ring styles could be incorporated into your photoshoot.

For example, you could take a formal picture showcasing your classic cut diamond or a royalty-themed photo for your princess cut rock. Such a theme could also help you decide how to dress on the day of the photoshoot.

Regardless of your theme or style of your shoot, make sure to prominently display the ring in a good portion of your photographs.

Makeup Matters

As with any special event, it’s natural to want to pay special attention to your makeup. However, considering that most brides-to-be don’t splurge on professional makeup for their engagement photos versus their actual wedding pictures, you’ll more than likely be dolling up on your own.

Rather than stressing out over looking perfect, keep the following in mind:

  • Pick a primer and concealer that match your skin tone
  • Choose a foundation with full coverage that will avoid caking around your nose and cheeks
  • Whatever you do, don’t overdo it; remember that oftentimes less is more if you’re using quality products

At the end of the day, much of how you look will be in the hands of your photographer, which is often why many couples choose a professional. However, if you do decide on a friend or amateur, have them touch up your photos and make sure the pictures get your seal of approval before showing them off to the world.

Love Your Location

There is no “right” place to go for your engagement photos, although there are some locations that are obviously more appropriate than others. For example, you may take your photos where you first met or had your first date; somewhere with personal and emotional significance for both of you. Otherwise, consider public parks or other traditionally romantic locations such as on the beach.

Rather than stress out of your engagement photos, take the time to plan out your photoshoot you’ll ultimately be pleased with. You only get one shot, quite literally, so do everything you can to make it count.