Don’t forget the Groom hair and beauty!

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As well as my franchise, I also work in a male barber shop, and this got me thinking about how important it is for the groom to look great on the big day:

So let’s not forget about the importance of the groom hair and beauty

…the one day a man needs to look his best and that’s his wedding day…girls remember to remind your men how important this is!

There was a time when the grooms let the brides lap up all the attention on their wedding day, but now it’s time for men to take a step forward.

groom hair

If a guy is thinking about trying a new hair style for his wedding day then he needs to think about it about four or five cuts before the wedding day, always go for something that doesn’t date like a high side parting.

Avoid any oily products that will make your hair look too greasy..American Crew Fiber has great hold but a matt finish, and if you want hair spray then a great unscented on is Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMENSION strong hold.

Don’t forget to make sure your neck is clean and tidy too as you will be seen from the back ,so a good neck shave is essential.

If you have a beard the trick is to make them look clean and tidy, without them looking too fake, have a professional cut and shave/beard trim a couple of days before (if you guys like the stubble).

groom beauty regime

Lastly….the groom isn’t the only man that needs to look his best..encourage your man to get his best man, father of the bride and groom’s mates to all look their best by going to the barbershop for some pre-wedding primping!

TIPS for Grooms

DO get a manicure, after all the man’s hands are on display too

DON’T go overboard on the fragrance or aftershave

DO get a facial but time it a week or so before the day and not the day before!

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