Hair and Makeup Ideas for Autumn Weddings

Every woman wants to look her absolute best for her wedding day, just as every special lady has a signature look. When these two schools of thought intersect, many brides to be face ongoing internal conflict. While it is important to look your most beautiful for your wedding day, you are going to want to be able to look back and truly see yourself. Highlighting your inner beauty will help to capture the essence of your autumn wedding, if you appreciate all of the elements that make up this exciting season. Here are a couple of autumn wedding hair and makeup ideas that will appeal to every woman while inspiring her to be her best.


Photo by David Leavitt

Creating a Classic Look

The classic wedding look works for all seasons, whether it’s autumn or the middle of summer. You will find much inspiration just by going through your autumn wardrobe and looking at your signature styles in a new manner. Figure out which shades of lipstick that you tend to wear this time of year are most flattering, then compare them against your wedding dress and accessories. A classic bun or similar updo will help to evoke the spirit of autumn, and elevate your femininity to another level. Sticking to a classic theme will allow you to easily incorporate reminders of the changing season, without these accessories overpowering your sense of sophistication.

Cool Weather, Warm Colours

Although autumn is associated with the cold, you should use warm colours to breathe life into your wedding day look. Deep red hues on your eyes and lips will soften your features, and make your face look warm and inviting. Use warm highlights in your hair to add vitality to your tresses, wearing it up or down to signal your individuality. Make sure that you find a shade of red that works for you to help wrap up your wedding day look, and you’re definitely leave the groom in awe as you make your debut.

Capturing the Heart of the Season

Depending on where you plan to take your vows, hosting an autumn wedding can lead to some logistical difficulties. Be conscientious of your hair and makeup choices if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding ceremony or wedding. Small hair adornments featuring autumn leaves can highlight a gorgeous French braid, while ensuring that your hair looks amazing even in windy weather. You can capture the heart of the autumn season with simple hair and makeup choices, such as through doing a minimalistic makeup look, with more bohemian qualities. Effortless beauty is elegant, and autumn makeup is as versatile as you want it to be.

Autumn weddings are as exciting as the special days that take place during the other parts of the year, but you have the opportunity to really shine. Dazzle your wedding guests with your inner beauty first, radiate confidence and immeasurable happiness by selecting a look that makes you feel unique. You can work with a professional hair and makeup team to simulate a similar look on your bridesmaids, while making certain that your essence remains the centre of attention.