Hair and Makeup for Yummy Mummys!

I never had any time before i had a baby but now i have a one year old boy, and i find i have even less time for me!  Know that feeling?

With so many celebrity mums looking glamourous, plus the arrival of the Royal Baby and seeing pictures of the ever beautiful Kate days after giving birth, I wanted to share my tips on how to achieve great hair and makeup for Yummy Mummys!

Makeup for Yummy Mummys

I hope you find them useful:

First of all follow these rules to allow yourself a little time for you:

– keep your hair and makeup routine to 5 – 10 minute slots

– focus on one feature

– have a maximum of 5 key products

Hair for Yummy Mummys:

If like me your hair fell out after pregnancy, and doesn’t look glossy and bouncy like Kates, try the following:

– Buy yourself some sleep in rollers, these help add volume to the hair.  I suggest just putting this in the in the front part of your hair as more comfortable to sleep in and also that’s where you need the volume.  Make sure your hair is at 180 degrees and roll inwards so that the roller base sits on the head comfortably.  Take them out in the morning just before you go out, shake your hair upside down and blast with the hairdryer to make it look more natural and add little hair spray.

– Also try dry shampoo for those days you just don’t have time to wash it.  Try the ones suitable to your colour hair, the batiste ones are great. You can use on clean hair to at the roots, as this can also add volume.

– And make sure you treat yourself to a blow-dry or hair cut once a month.  Time out is a great thing.  Beauty Call come to you so we are flexible and can fit in with you.

sleep in rollers

Makeup for Yummy Mummys: 

– For everyday try a beauty balm, clarins beauty flash balm is great, tightens and brightens tired skin.  For coverage try a tinted moisturiser, Laura mercer and Chanel are my favourites.

– Get your brows tinted and shaped once a month, HD Brows are great option.  Your brows shape your eyes and if groomed once a month, its one less thing to think about in the morning.

– Invest in an eyelash curler or try out LVL lashes, curling lifts the lashes and opens the eyes.  Add a black mascara, try lance defecils for everyday look or Dior Black out for an evening look.

– Keep lips moist and fresh with a balm or tint. Nivea do tinted ones and smash box  o-gloss is another favourites, glossy with a hint of pink.

– And finally give your cheeks a little colour, try the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks for a natural but dewy glow.  They come in a variety of shades.

Chanel tinted moisturiser

I hope that you find this useful!

Sarah CL xxx
Franchisee for Essex – SS (Southend) and RM (Romford) postcodes