How to get healthier hair in the build up to your wedding day

For some women, having beautiful, healthy hair is one of the most important factors in order to make them feel more confident about themselves, and when it comes to their wedding day, this is no exception.

Naturally, you want to look your absolute best on your big day and you want your photographs to showcase this for many years to come. But what exactly can you do to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your special day?

Wherever you are getting married and whatever setting your wedding is in, here are some helpful tips on how you can get stunning, healthy hair in the build up to your wedding day.

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1.     Super Foods

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In the same way that your skin needs certain nutrients and minerals in order to remain healthy, your hair also needs to be fed so it too can achieve wonderful texture and shine. Foods that are filled with iron such as potatoes, lentils and trout are excellent in maintaining strong hair. Notes Quick Doctor. In addition, foods that contain biotin such as eggs and beans can prevent your hair from becoming brittle.

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2.     Olive Oil Hair Treatment

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This familiar salad dressing isn’t just a tasty addition to your food, it can also work wonders on your hair. It works best on dry hair and is great at taming those unwanted and out of control frizzy strands. Rinse your hair with warm water and pour roughly 1 tbsp of olive oil into the palm of your hand. Gently massage this into your scalp until your entire head is covered and then place a plastic bag over your hair to secure it in place with hair grips. Keep the oil on your head for at least 30 minutes and then rinse, shampoo and condition as normal. Alternatively try PRP Hair Treatments


3.     Drink Green Tea and Water

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Green tea promotes the growth of hair follicles to boost hair production so if you’re one of those brides that wants to grow your hair for your wedding, this might be the ideal option for you. Aim to drink 3 cups a day to obtain optimum results. In addition, water regulates the circularity system, which feeds the hair follicles, and stimulates growth.


4.     Turn Down the Heat

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We all want to be able to dry our hair as quickly as possible but the truth is, hair can’t really stand the heat for too long. When hair is wet it becomes vulnerable to excessive heat, so wash your hair with lukewarm water and use the lowest setting on your hairdryer. The thickness of hair will inevitably determine the setting you use but the lower, the better. If your hairdryer comes with a diffuser, use it. It spreads the airflow and directs it only to where it’s needed. 

Zaheda Hafez-Patel, Skin Consultant at The Laser Treatment Clinic says, “Whether it comes to skin or hair, less is definitely more. My top tip for shampooing is to only apply shampoo to the hair at the scalp, massage and lather through to the middle of the hair and rinse. Do not repeat, once is enough. Then condition only from the middle to the ends and rinse. The hair closest to the scalp is the newest and the oiliest, while the end of the hair is the oldest, most fragile part of the hair, in which case, regular shampooing may leave it brittle and dry.” 

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