How to always look good in pictures

looking good in pictures

The world is image conscious these days. Since the growth of photographic news in the 20th century and the explosion of social media in the 21st, ever more emphasis is now placed on how we look. Photos pepper your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and even influence your chance of finding love if dating online. So how can you make sure you look good in pictures? There must be some tips and tricks of the image-producing trade. Here’s our selection of the ten best ways to look great in photographs every time. 

Top tips: 

  1. Foil on the lap: Yep, that’s right, place some aluminium foil on your lap in a photobooth or any seated photo. This reflects light onto the face making you look positively angelic.
  2. Get your hair right: Good hair makes all the difference when it comes to photos. Try out different looks from braids to prom hairstyles and see which is most flattering. Prom hairstyles can be particularly good as they keep hair off the face making you look chic and presentable.
  3. Low lighting: An old trick and a good one. If you want to guarantee a flattering image, just dim that switch.
  4. Try a flattering filter: Most photo apps now come with a range of filters to make you look lovely every time.

looking good in pictures 2

  1. Use a red-eye flashlight on old-fashioned cameras: If you’re more old-school than Instagram and Pinterest and are using a non-digital camera to take your pictures, make sure to use one with an in-built red-eye preventer. No one likes that satanic look.
  2. Angle from the forehead down: If you’re taking a selfie make sure to avoid the dreaded neck-up angle which gives even the skinniest of us lots of extra chins. Instead, angle the camera from your forehead down.
  3. Practice your smile: Find yourself looking a little odd in images every time? Simply practice at home a facial expression until you get it right.
  4. Photograph at dusk: Dusk is the most flattering time of the day. If you need a photo, use a beautiful sunset background and the low lighting will automatically make you look great too.
  5. Avoid taking photos after alcohol: Never, never drink and click. Especially after red wine. Stained teeth and lips do not need to be shared.
  6. Use shine-reducing powder: Shiny skin is often a problem in photos. Simply brush your face beforehand with a matte powder and eradicate that shine. 

Try these tips and enjoy beautiful, flawless photos. In this day and age, it’s certainly worth the effort!