How to choose the right salon for your big day?

Weddings are by far one of the most stressful events known to women – from inviting guests, to picking the perfect dress and of course where to go to get your hair, nails and makeup done. Deciding on which salon to go to shouldn’t be on your list of stress-inducing tasks – here’s what you should be on the lookout for when choosing the perfect place for your dazzling wedding look.

Accessible online reviews

You’ve compiled a list of salons that look promising for your wedding, but before you start booking, make sure to look for authentic customer reviews. Facebook has a reviews section, but anyone with Facebook account can post on there.

If the salon has an online booking page or website, they most likely have a section with confirmed client reviews – have a read and see what the clients think!

Stress-free appointment booking

Booking beauty services for your wedding is usually done a few months in advance. You have a list of services you’d like to come in for, but the salon isn’t answering your phone calls and your Facebook message hasn’t been read yet. Now you can start to stress.

Booking your appointment for your special day shouldn’t be such a hassle – instead, look for salons with online booking. They will be notified of your appointment, and you’ll receive an appointment reminder as well.

Secure data storing

A bride’s worst nightmare has to be explaining to the stylist in detail everything they’d like to have done for the wedding, while the stylist loosely scribbles down the details into a paper book. That’s almost cringeworthy. Not only can a paper book get lost, but what if important details are left out?

Instead, make sure that the salon uses a system for customer data management and includes a section for allergies, contact details and custom fields. Additionally, make sure that your test run pictures are stored as reference for your big day. A paper book wouldn’t be able to keep up with all this information!

Your wedding day should your most memorable – instead of stressing about your and & beauty appointment, take these steps for choosing the right, stress free salon for you.

Juliusz is a blogger at Versum – salon & spa software, used by 26,000 hair and beauty experts worldwide.