How to choose the right wedding hair for your big day

With out a doubt, choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be one of the toughest decisions.

With hundreds of styles to choose from it will seem like daunting task and leading up to the trial you may still have no clue!……

Well that’s what we as the wedding hair stylists are here for, but to help you narrow your choices down before hand, here are a few simple tips!

1)   Will your wedding reception be inside or outside? With an outside reception I would recommend having your hair up as you don’t need to worry about the elements!

wedding hair idea

2)   How do you feel most comfortable wearing your hair? When have you made an effort for an evening out and felt amazing?

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3)   At your next dress fitting bring some grips or a hair tie with you. You may not be able to style hair, but you can still play around and get an idea of what shape of hairstyle looks best on you and with the dress.

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4)  If you’re set on wearing your hair down, try either pinning a few bits up, add a little height at the crown to add detail or dress a natural loose wave with a pretty side alice band.

beauty call wedding hair

5)  The style of the hair should compliment the dress perfectly and not in anyway compete with it. If there is a lot of detailing on the dress perhaps choose a simpler style.

6)    What is the neckline of the dress? You don’t want the hair to cover up any detailing.

7)   Alternatively if the neckline is clean and simple, you can afford to make a real statement with your hair!

Hair accessories and flowers look beautiful pined into the style. Although ensure not to go over board and choose accessories with a classic finish to keep the style looking elegant.

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Good luck!

Annabel xx
Franchisee / Wedding hair stylist and bridal make up artist
Central London, West London and South West London