All about the ponytail – how to do a ponytail

Beauty Call – Style File 2014 – All about the ponytail

This month we are seeing ponytails everywhere, so read our guide on how to do a ponytail!

And with new hair and makeup artists and franchisees in Liverpool,Chester and North Wales, we decided to spread our insider tips across the UK as well as London, Kent and Essex!

Ponytails aren’t just for kids and going to the gym, you can style them for any occasion and someone who does this so well is the beautiful, Blake Lively.

Here she wears the 60’s style ponytail or the bumped ponytail as it is often called:

60's style ponytail

The key for this style is getting height in the crown and to do this, the essential brush, is a backcombing brush.

–        Take the top section of your hair leaving out an inch at the front from each side.

–        Then back comb starting at the roots, gently teasing the hair and spray for extra hold.

–        Brush back the hair joining in the underneath hair and tie a bungee round the hair to create ponytail.

–        Finally finish with twisting loosely the pieces you left out at the front and pull back and fasten by pinning in.

Here we see her with the elegant and simple sleek ponytail, a great way to wear your hair for evening events.  Its sophisticated and understated but teamed here with strong eyes and peachy dewy tones and textures it totally works.

sleek ponytail

–        You can style this hair while its wet, if your hair is naturally straight.  But its not try a wax styling spray to the hair whilst wet then blowdry straight.

–        Create a ponytail level with the top of yours ears and secure with a hair elastic.

–        To finish wrap a small section of the hair around the band and pin it underneath.

–        Then for super sleek go over the ponytail with GHD’s.

The Messy / Tousled  Ponytail.  You can glam this look up or down I think it’s a great everyday look and pretty simple too.   The key is don’t overdo it.

messy ponytail

tousled ponytail

–        If you have naturally wavy or curly hair then it is best to add a salt spray to damp hair, my favourite at the moment is the bumble and bumble sea salt spray. If you have dead straight hair just start with by taking and curling  random sections of the hair around a large tong to create texture.

–        Then let the hair dry naturally.

–        Add a little height to the crown by backcombing the hair

–        Pull back the hair in to a ponytail, don’t brush it or you’ll loose all the texture.

–        Secure with an elastic and then gently pull and tease the hair at the base to make it look fuller and softer.

The plaited ponytail.  This is one of my favourites. Here we have the fishtail plait, which looks particularly great on golden toned hair.

plaited ponytail

–        As always add a little volume to the roots of the crown and top section of hair.

–        Then pull back into a high ponytail and secure with and an elastic.

–        Finish by plaiting the hair, fishtail has a touch more glamour but if you haven’t mastered this one yet, them a simple 3 strand plait will work just as good.

–        Gently pull and tease the plait with your fingers for a more relaxed look.

And last but not lease the invisible band ponytail.  Another, really easy way to change the simple ponytail.  I love it.

invisible band ponytail

–        I would keep the front of hair sleek and then brush back all hair into a high ponytail.  The higher the ponytail, the more dramatic the look will be.

–        Then simply add 3 – 4 bands about 1-2 inches apart depending to how long your hair is.  Use can use the little invisible no snag bands or alternatively a band that is the same colour of your hair.

–        Then pull the midsections a little to get the fullness and volume into each section.

I hope we’ve inspired you to try rock one of these ponytails!

Have fun!!
Beauty Call xx

Thanks to Sarah-CL for this blog.