How to do Smokey Eyes

With party season approaching, I thought I’d let you in to some tips on:
How to do Smokey Eyes!


– To create a smokey eye start with a dark shade of kohl pencil or gel eyeliner all over the lower lid about half way up.

– For budget gels try maybe Line gel liner, it comes with it’s only little brush or if you have a little more money to play with, how about the Bobbi Brown gel liner.

– Then with a dry brush blend the colour up into the socket line and apply a dark eye shadow directly over the top. Do this with your eye open looking straight at the mirror, this way you won’t take the colour too high up.

– Next take a mid-tone shade (dusky pink or soft brown) into the crease of the eye to blend and create the “smokey” effect. Never start with black if you want to go darker and stronger, just gradually go a shade darker each time.

There are so many smokey eye kits out there, why not try one of the following:

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kit Smokey Eyes

–   Apply the pencil or gel eyeliner inside the waterline and smudge along the lower lid, blend slightly out and upwards at the outer edge.

– For a slightly more natural smokey eye, just take the dark eye shadow and apply to the outer corners top and bottom of the eye. This will create more of a cat-like sultry eye.

–  Finish with lash curlers to open the eye and lots of mascara! And if your really want the wow factor add some falsies.

Also for a a bit of sparkle why not trying adding some reflects glitter by MAC.

Reflects Glitter

For smaller or deep set eyes try using a white or nude  pencil inside the waterline instead of black which will open up the eye.

Good luck!

Alternatively you can book a Beauty Call Makeup Artist to do your smokey eyes for just £20.

Sarah CL

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