How to dress for a summer garden party

Your summer is probably full of weddings, BBQs and perhaps a cheeky festival, after you get back from that holiday abroad, but what about that garden party you’ve been invited too? Whether it’s for a pal’s birthday, a baby shower or perhaps just a picnic on the lawn to catch up with friends, here’s how to dress for such an occasion: 

A summer dress

You’re going to want something lightweight for the (hopefully) warm weather and in 2016 we’re witnessing yet another return to grunge 90s wear with slip dresses worn either on their own or over a basic t-shirt. A floral print is a popular choice but we’re also loving plain black and perhaps spending some time swapping out the buttons on a button down design for cute heart or flower shaped ones. 

Maxi dresses are also a good call, not only are they lightweight and pretty on but because they are longer they can keep legs warm in the evening – pick up a plain coloured maxi dress from a store such as Blue Vanilla, that looks great when jazzed up with a chunky necklace and some tassled sandals. 

A lightweight jacket or cardigan

It’s important that no matter where you are you have some sort of cover up when it comes to summer in Britain. The air can turn chilly quickly and rainclouds can gather within the hour so having something to pull on to stay warm is important. 

In keeping with the 90s theme, why not pick up a denim jacket and decorate this with patches and pins? Sites such as etsy are great places to find patches to meet every taste, with many featuring sassy quotes or pop culture references to truly make your jacket your own. 

Comfortable sandals

While you won’t be walking long distances it’s still important your sandals are comfortable for your afternoon/evening spent at a summer garden party. Tassled designs are popular this summer, as the style rolls round every festival season but you also can’t go wrong with some good espadrilles. Mules are also a popular choice for summer 2016, so if you want to tick those style boxes opt for an open backed pair with a small heel. 

If you want to really take your ensemble to the next quirky level throw on some ankle socks featuring a fun print or a cute frill. 

A wide brimmed hat

This style is proving popular again this year, as we have all become a little more conscious of how the sun affect our skin and are aiming to cover up more. Wide brimmed hats are perfect for protecting your face and shoulders and if you don’t know anyone but the person who invited you to this party, wearing one could add an air of mystery to your presence – or give you something to hide behind when the small talk gets too painful. 

Don this outfit for your next summer garden party and you’ll be ready and looking great for the group photos!