How to Look Great on Your Wedding Day

How to Look Great on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life, and every girl knows that if you want to feel good then you have to look great. Regardless of whether you normally prefer to hide away in the shadows, your big day is your time to shine. Everything has to be done perfectly so that you look better than you’ve ever looked before. 

Here’s how to make sure that you’re transformed into a truly beautiful bride. 

Planning and Practice Make Perfect 

The worst time to work out your wedding day style is on the morning of your big day; this is really not the time to experiment. Start to plan your look well in advance: this means deciding on your hair colour, hair style, the make-up look you want, who you would like to do your make-up, whether you want your nails painted or your body tanned. 

Magazines and the internet are great places to look for inspiration, and it’s a nice idea to collate these into a book or a mood board. This can be shown to any professionals to help them to understand what you want.   

Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to practice. The idea you have in your head may be far different in reality, and it’s best to realise this long before your wedding day. Practice hairstyles, book make-up trials and have a test spray tan to see how it looks. 

Achieving Luscious Locks 

It’s important that your hair looks its best for the big day, and preparations need to start well in advance to achieve this. Make sure that you’re booked in for a trim and cut at least two weeks before your wedding, to eliminate split ends and ensure that your hair looks smooth and polished without appearing unnatural or too ‘done’. 

Around six weeks prior to the big day, you should also start a weekly conditioning treatment, using an intensive moisture mask to improve the condition of your hair. It’s best to apply this under a shower cap and leave it to soak in for a few minutes whilst you relax in a hot, deep bath.  

If your budget permits it, then it can be worth hiring a professional hair stylist to achieve the look of your dreams. If you choose to do this, make sure that you meet them at least two weeks prior to the wedding for a trial, so that you both can work out exactly how you want your tresses to appear. Take your veil with you for this to see how it sits. 

Achieving Perfect Skin 

Every woman wants flawless skin on her wedding day. You need to start prepping well in advance, especially because the stress of the event can take its toll.  

The first thing to remember is to always remove your make-up before bed – that means all of it! Cleanse, tone and take off every trace of foundation, mascara, blusher and anything else that’s on there. Just one night of sleeping with your make-up on can result in dull, unhealthy looking skin – and that’s not the look you’re going for. 

Don’t underestimate the power of moisturiser either. Skin looks its best when it’s hydrated, so apply a hydrating cream morning and night. 

Perfecting Your Wedding Day Makeup 

Once the big day dawns, you need makeup that turns you into the very best version of yourself. You should already have your mood board/wedding book full of inspiration to work from, so ideas should be easy to come by. However, whether you have a professional make-up artist or prefer a DIY approach, practice the look at least once a couple of weeks before your wedding to see exactly how it looks on you. Every woman’s look will be individual, but it’s a given that waterproof mascara is an absolute necessity. 

Make sure that each part of your style complements the rest, from your makeup to your veil and even down to small details like the metal tone of your ring, and then finish it all with a glowing smile. Remember why you’re getting married and simply be happy – that’s the true pièce de résistance, and an absolute must if you hope to be a truly beautiful bride.