How to Plan a Fabulous Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a funny time of year. The long days of summer are still in our immediate consciousness, but the air is cooler at night and the leaves are slowly turning various shades of gold, copper and red. Sometimes an Indian summer prevails and we are blessed with another few weeks of unseasonably warm weather, but more often than not it is colder and more changeable as September passes into October and then November.

Autumn Wedding

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For anyone planning an autumn wedding, the changing weather can represent a bit of a tricky dilemma for it impacts on outfits, venue and even wedding cars. So how can you ensure your autumn wedding is nothing less than perfect on the day?

Choose the Right Venue

The right venue is important, but with so many different options to consider, it can be a tough choice. Once the good weather wanes, a lot of couples opt to fly to a tropical resort and say their vows on an idyllic sandy beach as the sun sets over the horizon, but have you considered a Landmark London wedding instead?

Holding your wedding in an up-market hotel will give you a lot of options: there will be plenty of room for the wedding party to stay overnight, plus catering and function rooms are likely to be top notch, so even if the weather is below par, you will still be able to have a good time.

Weather Appropriate Outfits

Because there is a big risk the weather might not be up to scratch on the day, be sure to pick outfits with this in mind. A sleeveless wedding dress is perfect for a hot summer’s day, but when the wind is howling around the church and it’s below 10 degrees outside, the bride will end up with pneumonia before the honeymoon. So instead, look for pretty wraps or fur lined shawls to keep the cold at bay if necessary, and if the forecast is poor, slip on some warm tights beneath the dress.

Wedding Cars

A stunning convertible or open top horse drawn carriage is a risky proposition unless you are certain the rain will hold off. Instead look at a vintage Rolls Royce or flash sports car to get you to the church on time. That way you can look back and smile, rather than grimace at your rain soaked hair and makeup.

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor photographs taken against the backdrop of a stunning country house or sunset will look fabulous, but only if the bride and groom are not hypothermic or soaked to the skin. When booking your wedding venue, make sure there are plenty of suitable indoor locations for photo shoots on the day, just in case the weather is not obliging. And if it is, make sure you take advantage of the stunning autumnal backdrop.

Autumn is a truly beautiful season and if you plan your wedding well you are guaranteed some amazing photographs. So choose an autumnal colour theme and enjoy your day!