How to Properly Care for Your Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs may look and feel much better than their synthetic counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they are quite as easy to maintain.

Human hair wigs can be worn for several years (as opposed to synthetic wigs, which tend to have a 3-6-month lifespan) but proper wig maintenance is essential. This will help to ensure that your wig remains in the best possible condition for as long as possible. With this in mind, here are some of our top tips for taking care of your human hair wig properly. 

The Importance of Pre-Brushing

Before you wash your wig, it’s important that you brush it gently to remove any knots or tangles. Although simple and straightforward, this is one of the most important wig care tips. If you don’t remove knots from your wig before you wash it then it will be almost impossible to get them out once the hair has been washed, as this will set the tangles in place. 

Wash by Hand at a Low Temperature

Human hair wigs do not need to be washed as regularly as natural hair. One wash after every 10-12 wears should be enough, depending on how much dirt and sweat your wig is exposed to on a daily basis. Spending time surrounded by cigarette smoke, for example, could mean your wig needs to be washed more often. If in doubt, check out the care instructions for your wig ( 

Washing your human hair wig is very similar to the process of washing your own hair. First rinse your wig in lukewarm water and then massage the hair with shampoo. Once the whole wig has been evenly lathered in shampoo, rinse with cool water in a downward direction, using your fingers to gently remove the shampoo without causing any tangles. 

Gently towel dry the hair to remove any excess water before you take it away from the sink. 

Dry Naturally

Although human hair wigs can be heat treated, and it is possible to blow dry your wig if you are in a rush, it is best to let your wig dry naturally wherever possible if you want to prolong its life. Leave your wig on a stand or, if you don’t have a stand available, place it on a dry towel and leave it at room temperature until the hairs have dried completely. 

Picking the Right Products

Speciality shampoos and conditioners are made specifically to care for wigs. You want to make sure the products you use are gentle enough to avoid damaging your wig while also providing important moisture. The most important thing is that you do regularly condition your hair to ensure that the hair doesn’t become brittle and prone to breakage. A great way to nourish your wig is to spray on a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. This will soften and enrich the hair as it is drying naturally. 

Colouring Your Hair

One of the main benefits of choosing a human hair wig over a synthetic one is that you can recolour it brighter or darker, just as you would your own hair. This means you can regularly update your style without having to buy a new wig. However, unless you are only making a subtle change, a good rule of thumb is to consult a stylist and, if possible have them colour your wig rather than do it yourself at home. This will avoid costly home colouring mistakes that could permanently damage your wig.