Juice Plus +

I am very excited to now be involved with a product called Juice Plus.  I meet so many brides, like myself when I was planning my wedding who are either looking to loose weight, improve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails, reduce stress levels and improve their general health in the run up to their wedding.  I therefore decided to research the market to see if there is a product that can help with all of this.

Juice Plus

I came across Juice Plus +!!  After reading such amazing reviews I decided to try the product out myself.  I am 20 weeks pregnant so was obviously a little worried about taking anything that could harm the baby, so I took the capsules and ingredient list to my midwife who said she was really impressed with what was in it.  After 2 weeks I was amazed, I noticed my energy levels were improving hugely and my skin was becoming clearer.   Other people noticed the difference too commenting on how much energy I had and how bubbly I was again.

So what is Juice Plus +?

• It’s a whole based nutritional supplement of 26 types of fruits, vegetables & berries
• It’s bioavailable
• It’s supported by over 20 independent clinical studies published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals
• It’s consumed & recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals around the world.

There are different programmes designed for different reasons such as:

• The Shake programme for weight loss.
• The capsules of chewables for health issues, general well being and pregnancy
• The 21 day muscle programme for stripping fat and building muscle

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Louise xx
Franchisee for GU and SL – Surrey and Berkshire