Love the London look!

Annabel our franchisee for Central London spills the beans on: Flawless, fresh faced, photo ready skin!

Often people ask me how to achieve the fresh-faced, dewy look we see so much on the red carpet, and they will ask specifically which foundations I use to achieve this look. 

The key is not solely the foundation but how you prep the skin underneath the foundation. It’s vital, not only to achieve a longer lasting more even coverage but to help protect your delicate skin. 

Two key products that will always be in my makeup kit wherever I go are; Vichy’s Smoothing and Illuminating cream from the Idealia range and Laura Mercier Tinted Radiance Primer (in my opinion, even better than the original primer everyone knows and loves!)

Annabel 1and2-crop 

If you are applying makeup for a night out its not enough to have moisturized that morning, especially if you have dry skin…Especially in the colder weather! 

Although it doesn’t take long to prep your skin for your foundation, it does require a little patience and care.  A little of this product goes a long way and is full of moisture and goodness! Allow this to settle in to the skin before you go on to the primer. 

My primer of choice when creating a dewy complexion is the Laura Mericer radiance primer. With its universal pearl tint suited to all skin tones, it creates a flawless soft focus finish minimizing imperfections and adding extra radiance to your visage!

Apply your favorite foundation after following these two steps and you are guaranteed to have beautiful radiant photo ready skin fit for any red carpet! 


Franchisee – Hair and Makeup Artist London
SW (South West London), W (West London) and WC (Central) postcodes

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