Lush, Lush Skincare Products by Kat x

I have walked past the Lush shop in Manchester so many times and enjoyed the fabulous smells, but for some reason never made a purchase… Until Now!

After doing a few weddings recently and hearing the bridal party raving about these wonderful natural Lush skincare products, I decided to give them a try. I have been using them for nearly one month now and will definitely be re-stocking when they run out.

Here is the bundle of joy that arrived in my bathroom:

Lush skincare products

Now for my step-by-step skincare routine:

– Ultrabland Facial Cleanser maybe one of the most luxurious products I have ever used. Similar to cold cream this gentle cleansing cream leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for. It’s made with beeswax and honey and smells good enough to eat. I smooth it all over my skin and wipe away with a warm flannel.

– I then spray my soft plump clean skin with Eau Roma Water. Lots of toners leave the skin feeling striped and dry, this does the opposite. As you spray the product you can smell the rose water and feel the calming effect of the lavender (great after a long day!). It leaves my skin feeling toned and hydrated.

– Now for Dark Angels (I only use this 2/3 times a week) – take the tiniest amount in your finger tips and massage on to damp skin, you can use it for face and body. Dark Angels will lift all the dead skin cells on the surface and leave you with smooth clean skin – you will feel like you have been in a Turkish mud bath….Not great for the bathroom but amazing for the complexion.

– Ayesha Facemask, again use 2/3 times per week. Keep Ayesha in the fridge because she is a live product and needs a cool environment. Apply to the skin with finger tips or a brush and sit back and relax for 10/15 mins and let Ayesha do her work. She contains asparagus which will help break down dead skin sells to leave your skin looking and feeling smoother. Also because the mask is so cold when you remove it you feel like you have had a face lift, always a bonus!

– Enchanted Eye Cream, I am obsessed with eye cream and have used it from a very young age. Enchanted Eye Cream not only works wonders, it is fabulous value for money. It costs around £11 for 45g. It’s a beautiful light weight moisturising eye cream which contains organic oils.

– Last but not at all least, Imperials Moisturiser bursting with plant infusions of lavender, St Johns Wart, sweet violet, sunflower, elderflower and mullein. This light weight cream is absorbed quickly and leaves my skin feeling revived and glowing.

These products really are fabulous, they are fairly priced and are all made of natural of ingredients. I cannot wait to explore the Lush range more. Why not help the environment and look flawless at the same time! I know I will continue to use Lush products for a very long time my skin has never looked better, why didn’t I do this years ago :/

And I promise Lush had no involvement in this blog!!!

Love Kat Xx

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