Makeup Tips for your Bridal Hen Party

Looking glam for your bridal hen party is just as important as the event itself. Brides to be always endeavour to get the perfect makeup artist that can create the ideal look to suit whatever theme they use for the event. As the saying goes “less is more”, it’s beloved that a fun and simple look is the key to looking amazing for the day.

Whether you’re getting professional makeup artist or making yourself up, here are some tips to help guide you for that glamorous look you seek for that day.

1. Style your hair

Never be scared of styling your hair in the funkiest ways possible. Even with a chignon or a flirty bun, you can look the most attractive in the room in minutes. Ladies who are always on the move would love this style as its easy and quick. You can just raise your hair to a high ponytail, wrap the tail around the bottom of the pony after twisting it, then add a few more ponytails to secure it. You can even leave a few inches of hair out to spice things up.

You can also braid your hair, then use a Bobby pin to secure it after wrapping the braided part round the bottom of the bun. There are a lot of other updos you can do. On the other hand, if you don’t have long hair and wish to use a hair extension, you can make use of promo codes for Activity Superstore to get some of the most stylish hairs for your bridal hen party at really affordable prices. Even those with long natural hair can consider buying wigs and styling it or dying the hair colour to fit the theme of the event as well.

2. Beautify your Face

Moisturise your face and ensure its clean, then apply a thin coat of makeup primer. Make sure you apply it evenly. Afterwards you can get ample and light coverage by adding a BB cream – but this actually depends on the amount of coverage you seek. But if you aren’t a BB cream fan, you can simply use a fluffy brush to apply your regular foundation. When done, go for the bronzer and subtly apply on the cheeks. With sun-kissed skin being the latest trend all over social media, you can apply a thin or thick layer of light pink or peach blush. It blends perfectly and gives your face a perfect look. Finally use a translucent powder to top it off and reduce shine while still looking glam

3. Line your eyes Perfectly

You can go shimmery or matte depending on how you want your eyes to look. Flesh tones are ideal if your plan is to look natural. The kind of eye shadow color you use should be in line with the wedding theme or bridal shower theme. It gives you a “WOW” look. Use a dark pencil to line your eyelids lightly, then top it off with two mascara coats.

4. Make those lips beautiful

The regular red lipstick might not standout. Therefore don’t be afraid to try something different. It could be the same colour as your eye shadow or.even one to match any accessory you have on. But ensure the lipstick is bold or vibrant. If you wish to stay natural, a lip gloss with same tone as your skin would be perfect also.

Finally remember it’s your day so look your best and have your bridal party look the part as well. Your makeup is an important aspect of your marriage plans so don’t look boring as it can affect the aura around you.