Matching Your Bridal Makeup with Jewellery

When it comes to your wedding, it’s important to have a unified, beautiful look with your dress, hair, makeup and jewellery. Make sure that your bridal makeup and jewellery match with these five different looks:    


If being ultra glamorous is your bag, then don’t tone it down for your wedding because that’s what you think you should do. A brightly coloured lip with lots of mascara and false lashes is always a winner – but what do you wear when it comes to jewellery? Of course, this does also depend on what your dress is like, and what piece of jewellery you’re making a statement with. For a look that emphasises your lip colour, choose drop earrings with the same colour in them. Pair a red lip with ruby and diamond chandelier earrings for a gorgeous look.


Classical, retro looks usually revolve around winged eyeliner and perfectly lined, matte red lips. Your jewellery options could be a string of vintage pearls, antique diamond earrings or a sparkling brooch. Necklaces are usually relatively simple affairs – just enough to show off your neckline and your collarbone. Fifties jewellery was all about matchy-matchy so if you’re going for an authentic look, get the set! For authentic antique and vintage jewellery, take a look at Pragnell’s site.


If you’re planning an autumn wedding, or your colouring naturally endears you to autumnal colours, then a berry lip is the perfect bridal makeup look for you. Stick to earthy tones in the rest of your make up look with a pinky brown on your eyes and apricot on your cheeks, and slick on a shiny berry tone on your lips. For your jewellery, stick with very delicate pieces, like thin gold chains with your favourite pendant, or alternatively, stick with flowers in autumnal colours.


While natural might sound a little like ‘no-makeup’ it doesn’t have to mean anything of the sort. In fact, it means using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Focusing on the skin is really important for the natural look, so make sure you experiment with your skin care. The right moisturiser and primer is key to keeping your makeup on all day.  Go for brown, rather than black mascara and eyeliner, and wear eye-shadow in simple, light colours to keep your eyes looking natural and fresh.

Whatever you choose for your wedding look, make sure it complements you, and you look for a makeup artist that has a similar style.

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