5 Rules for Matching Wedding Jewellery with your Outfit

Perfecting your wedding outfit doesn’t stop at the dress. There are shoes to pick, headpieces to choose from, and then there’s the jewellery. Take a look at our rules for matching wedding jewellery with your outfit.

  1. Match the Metal with the Dress

It doesn’t matter about your wedding band when it comes to choosing the metal that you will wear. Instead, choose the metal that will complement your dress. We all know that wedding dresses aren’t all the same shade of white, so getting your jewellery to match or complement it is crucial.

  • Bright white. Stick to pearl and platinum with this bright hue, rather than going for gold, as it may clash.
  • Almost off-white. This colour works with any hue, so you get the choice of gold, silver, rose gold and everything else.
  • A soft white, this hue will go beautifully with gold jewellery. 
  1. Get the Neckline Right

Your neckline style will impact massively on the jewellery that you wear. 

  • Strapless or Sweetheart. Either you go bold, or you don’t wear a necklace at all with this neckline. Choose a statement necklace dripping with gemstones or, if that’s not your style, go for a demure look and focus on earrings instead, especially if you’re wearing your hair up.
  • V-Neck. For an elegant look, a thin chain with a simple pendant is perfect. On the opposite end of the scale, a crystal choker with matching earrings is much more dramatic and decadent.
  • Halter/reverse halter. Choose to focus on your hair, and pop an embellished comb, headband or silk flowers in to accessorize a halter neck gown.
  • Asymmetrical neckline. Don’t wear a necklace with this neckline, instead wear a cuff and a pair of earrings. 
  1. Don’t Over-Accessorise

Too many accessories will spoil your wedding outfit. If you want to make a statement, then focus on one area, such as your neckline, hair or earrings, and balance the rest with simpler items. If in doubt, stick to an earrings and bracelet combination.

  1. Don’t Wear a Watch

You don’t need a watch on this day. Leave timekeeping to your planner or a designated person, and simply focus on enjoying the day. A wristwatch, while a fashionable accessory and necessary for timekeeping, rarely looks elegant. Some even say that it’s unlucky!

  1. Mix Old and New

You don’t have to buy the latest trend to look good on your wedding day. Instead, create a cohesive look and make sure that the finish of your jewellery is the same. You can incorporate vintage or antique styles from jewellers such as Tarratt with modern pieces, as long as they have the same tone or style.