Natural Bridal Makeup – Simple and Elegant

One of the first things any bride will say to me at trial is that they want to look like themselves on the big day and more importantly that they want their fiancée to recognise them!

Looking beautifully radiant doesn’t always mean you have to wear layers and layers of makeup! In fact natural bridal makeup is about enhancing your own features and your own beauty! 

When it comes to hair it can be stressful figuring out what kind of style you’d like, but sometimes the simplest of styles can be the most elegant. 

One of my most recent Brides I got ready at the beautiful Cannizaro House in Wimbledon.  Running the Central London and South West London franchise, I get to work at this stunning venue a lot and over looking it’s own parkland, it’s just beautiful in the summer!

natural bridal makeup 

For Lucy, we went for a very on trend ponytail. By curling the hair first and wrapping some of the hair around where the band is to create detail, you can make some thing so simple, instantly stylish and beautiful. 

I wanted the makeup to match – so no fuss! A dewy fresh base, shimmery eyes and lots of lashes! 

Two key products used, (and favorites of mine) were the Armarni ‘Fluid Sheer’, which I mixed in with the foundation to brighten up the skin, and on the eyes the ‘Naked’ shimmer block in a neutral tone. 

Very natural, very simple and very elegant!! 

Congratulations Lucy!