Office Hairstyles for Autumn 2013

Going to work in an office every weekday is the biggest chunk out of our life and the last thing we want to think about before we go to sleep on a Sunday night is what shall I do for my office hairstyles this week?!

Most of us would rather put a hat over it instead of taking time making our hair sleek or creating a fancy up-do!

However working in an office, especially in London, you do want to look made-up!

Follow these 3 easy styles for hair that are hot for Autumn 2013, they work for all hair types & colours.

2013 hair trends are interesting in shape and easy to create so you adapt them to YOUR personality and tweak  them YOUR ways! You can pull anything off in London so follow yourself, not the crowd.

For Long Hair:

Long hair is your symbol of femininity so play with it. The 2 biggest trends for long hair are smooth and natural:

smooth natural hair

natural smooth hair

These are 2 fab styles for long hair that you can create in minutes. Always use a little backcombing in the crown area of your hair for some height and have as sleek or messy as you like!

Great products to use for these styles are:
L’Oreal ‘Nutri-Sleek Smoothing Cream Care’ and Schwarzkopf Osis ‘Dust It‘.

For Medium Hair:

Medium length hair is fun and sexy and you can get away with almost any style and it still looks great! You want to keep it natural looking but professional at the same time.

medium length shabby hair chignon bun

Another 2 gorgeous styles that you can get done whilst eating your breakfast!

Jessica Beil is known for her sheek but shabby look and here is yet another example. With your curlers add as many curls as you want, as loose or tight as you want and fix it with some ‘L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray’!

The low ‘Chignon bun’ is another style that requires no prep – just pin away to your desire or how messy/smooth you want to look! Mousse is a great product to hold your hair and grips all day, try ‘Aveda phomollient™ Styling Foam

For Short Hair:

Short hair is still ‘bob and bob’ so rock it! Create height and use decorations for the hair. It’s all about the ‘pixie cut’ for short hair this season. There are endless amounts of products out there for you short haired beauties so make sure you get the best one for your look and your hair type!

short hair

one length bob

The one length bob is huge at the moment teaming it with a long fringe, play with it, pop some backcombing in the roots, hairspray and wax through the ends. It will last all day!

Try ‘Bumble and Bumble Styling Wax’ for hold and shine! For the Pixie cut, blowdry your fringe back with a small rounded brush and wax through the hair, you will need a stronger wax for this style so try ‘Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay‘.

So there’s 3 different hair lengths with different styles!

Remember to style this to your personality, just follow the guidelines and have fun with the rest! 2013 Autumn office hairstyles is all about being unique and on trend!!

Caitlin xx
Franchisee for the City of London – EC postcode