The perfect 1940’s vintage wave…..made easy!

It is fair to say that 1940’s glamour never goes out of date and is still cropping up all over catwalks and red carpets.

The thing is, nowadays the key for makeup artists and hair stylists is achieving these authentic looks under time restraints. More often than not you won’t have the time to wet set the hair and sit under a dying hood for hours on end watching paint dry!

So here it is….a super quick and very effective, perfect 1940s vintage wave!

All you will need is a pair of one inch curling tongs, some setting clips and mousse or styling product of your choice! To get a really firm hold and sleek look I use L’Oreal Tec Pli as it can be used on dry hair as well as wet.

L'Oreal Tec Pli

After applying the product evenly through the hair, section down the middle from crown to nape. Then create two other sections from the top of the crown to each ear (known as the T-section).

Begin by taking one-inch sections of hair from the bottom and tong.

The most important thing to remember is you want to be curling all the sections in the same direction. You also want to be twisting the curl as you tong.

After each curl is done clip it with a silver setting clip so it can cool down and set without dropping.

Silver Setting Clip

Repeat this working up the hair.

For the fringe sections: Work horizontally from the top of the head to the ear, taking smaller sections than before. Then again roll the curls up and pin.

Once the whole head has been tonged and pinned, spray well with Elnett hairspray and leave for a few minutes to ensure that all the curls have cooled down and set properly.

L'Oreal Elnett

Lastly, use a denman brush or similar– you will see, like magic the curls all molding together to create that beautiful vintage curl that looks so complex! Don’t be scared to keep brushing through the curls and using your hands if need be to find and define that vintage wave. The harder you brush the better – the curls won’t drop out  – promise!

denman hairbrush

You may need to really work the fringe sections to get the waves really defined and sitting on the head, as you want them to.

1940s vintage wave

Happy tonging!!

Xx Annabel
Franchisee for Central, West and South West London