Pre-wedding beauty routine

Hi everyone….Alison here, Beauty Call franchisee for York and Leeds!

I’m often asked questions from my Yorkshire brides on how they should prepare their beauty routine in the run up to the wedding and what they’ll need on the day…

pre-wedding beauty routine

…so here are a few FAQs that should help you prepare for the big day! 

1. Should I have a facial?

If you’re not someone who regularly has facials don’t have one just before the wedding. Facials can bring the impurities in the skin to the surface in the form of blemishes, and these need time to disappear before your skin shows the benefits of the facial. Around 1 month-3 weeks is a good time if you are thinking about booking in for one. 

2. Should I have a spray tan?

Most people feel better with a little bit of colour so by all means have a spray tan. If you’ve never had one before try it out around 2 months before hand so you know whether or not you’ll like it, if you’re happy make sure you go back to the same person who did it for you the first time around so you know the result will be the same. 

3. Will a spray tan affect my make-up?

No, your make-up artist will match your foundation colour to your skin tone on the day to have a true colour match to your tan. 

wedding hair and makeup yorkshire

4. Should I have false lashes?

It’s really personal preference, lashes can look good on pictures so if you usually wear them for special occasions then by all means go for them on your big day too! If you’re not used to lashes and you want something subtle ask your make-up artist to apply some cluster lashes in the outer corners of your eyes. Alternatively you could get lash extensions done before the wedding day, these are great if you are going on honeymoon straight after the wedding as they last for several weeks. 

5. When’s the best time to get my nails done?

The day before the wedding is a good time to get your nails done. 

6. Should I get my haircut before the trial?

Unless you are going for a drastic change (which isn’t advisable before the wedding!) wait until you’ve had your trial, that way if you are having someone different to your usual hair dresser they can advise you on how much to get taken off so it won’t affect your chosen wedding hairstyle. 

7. Is the mascara waterproof!

Most good make-up artists know that using waterproof mascara for weddings is a must! 

8. What make-up will I need with me on the wedding day?

You’ll need a lipstick for touching up throughout the day/night, take a note of what the make-up artist uses on you at the trial so you can purchase it. If you find you are prone to going shiny on your T-zone its handy to have a pressed powder with you just so you can blot down the shine if you need to for photos.

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