Prom makeup ideas

Proms and Pink Lips

With the prom season almost upon us, enquiries for these budding young women in the SE (South East London), DA (Dartford) and BR (Bromley) postcodes are coming in thick and fast.  Here are some prom makeup ideas!

The most desired look for these girls is the Fuschia / Hot Pink Lips look.

First seen on my favourite celebs Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that most of the girls requesting this look are teenagers it can be worn by women of all ages, depending on how daring you are willing to be! I’ve seen 75 year old, ‘Nanny Pat‘ from ‘The Only Way is Essex‘ sporting Fuschia lips and she looked stunning.

Kim Kardashian Prom makeup

The look focuses on a striking, bold hot pink mouth, contoured bronzed cheekbones and full / thick lashes, either using a fair few strokes of mascara or faking it with falsies.

I’d recommend using a pink lip pencil to outline your mouth first; it makes it easier to get the lipstick accurately on to the lips. Magenta by Mac is one of my favourite lip pencils.

I prefer to use a matte or semi matte lipstick for this look as this type of lipstick will stay put for much longer. If you prefer a glossier look just add a little clear lip-gloss to the bottom lip.

My favourite Pink/Pink Lipsticks for this look include:

Girl about Town by MAC
Carthage by Nars
Funny Face by Nars
Eurydice by Illamasqua

Nars funnyface

This look is a great look for sunny days or evenings and works well whether you are going for a casual look or a more dressy/glamorous look.

Give it a go!

Franchisee / Hair and makeup artist for South East London, Dartford and Bromley